April Boxycharm Unboxing


April 2016 box features all full size products, which is nice. Boxes can sometimes very on product so here is what I got in mine ✌

💟 Purlisse Lip Comfort lip nourisher

Not life changing but it’s nice to have in my purse or on my night stand. Glad I was able to try it because I don’t love it enough to repurchase it.

💔 Blinc Cosmetics lash primer

I really don’t like wet mascara and the formula of this is very wet. It’s probably operator error but I get this everywhere. I’m letting dry up a little bit and I’ll try it again but as it is right now…Definitely not repurchasing it.

Side note: The packaging serves as a great way to store bobby pins when I travel 😆 Little hack for you!

💟 Anderson Lilley hand cream

I’m not a huge fan of the scent of this but at least it works. I keep this in my spare bathroom for guests.

💜 Your Minerals Eyeshadow in Brown Hypnotic

The eyeshadow is pretty but not life changing. Happy to have it and will get a little use out of it but not going to repurchase.

Ofra Liquid Lip in Pasadena

This made the box worth it for me. I’ve been wanting to try and Ofra Liquid Lip but never made the move to go online and purchase. I love the color! It’s a very flattering nude pink. It’s pretty comfortable for a liquid lip. Well…it’s still drying but that’s what you pay for if you want budge proof. I worn this several times and I love it. I will definitely considered purchasing a few more of these

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