Morphe 35 OS Swatches


Ready to get spammed with swatches of the new 35OS palette. It is the all shimmer version of the highly coveted and hyped up Morphe 35O palette to hit the makeup realm ✌

I have a medium skin tone and these will be swatched without primer.

Let the swatching begin 😎

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You are looking at swatches of the  of the 35OS palette from @morphebrushes 😍 👆Top to Bottom👇 👈Left to Right👉

To really see how intense the shimmer is on these shadows, check out these short videos 👇👇👇 

1st row 👉 2nd row 👉 3rd row 👉 4th row 👉 5th row 👉 6th row 👉 7th row

35OM and 35OS Bundle Get it here 👉👉👉

35OS Get it here 👉👉👉

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