Jeffree Star Cosmetics Review | Skin Frost and Velour Liquid Lip + Controversy 

When I ordered from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, it took about a month for my order to get to my doorstep. In that time period, all the drama with Jeffree Star blew up and everyone started spilling the tea.

I will be reviewing his products separately from his character because I want to give a fair yet honest review. Remember, these will be MY opinions which I will be more than happy to discuss in an adult fashion but there will not be any rude comments or haters…

So here it is, my review on Jeffree Star Cosmetics and my thoughts on the controversy surrounding this brand and the owner 😥😥😥

Let’s start with the actual product review:

Velour Liquid Lipstick in Celebrity Skin

💟 Skin Frost in Peach Goddess

I think the makeup is great but is it life changing, no. I’m glad I was able to order something so that I can try it because I love playing with makeup.

I thought the liquid lip was interesting. I’ve never used a formula quite like it…it stays tacky for quite awhile and then it sets which weirded me out at first but I think this kind of formula made it more comfortable to wear. The lip didn’t budge either, which is a plus. If I’m gonna go through the torture of wearing a matte liquid lip, it better stay put LOL 😅 I’m actually really happy with the color, the ones I wanted were sold out but Celebrity Skin worked out perfectly. The only minor downer is the applicator. It holds too much product for my taste. I ended having to use a lip brush which isn’t great if I want to take it anywhere but again, minor issue.

The Skin Frost was ok. I wish it came out peachier but I’m guessing it’s because of my skin tone #brownbiscuit The formula isn’t my favorite…I can’t really describe it but it’s like a more wet formula (maybe someone in the comments can explain it better) I prefer that kind of formula for eyeshadow.

Overall, I’m glad I got to try it but if your dying to have it and it’s in your budget then I would say go ahead but pay your bills first 😉

As for the controversy…I’m a little heart broken at Jeffree Star’s behavior. He has apologized in a video since then about the drama but still…There are a lot of brands out there both mainstream and indie that don’t behave like Jeffree did and I think he’s going to have to change a lot in order to get my respect back.

That being said, his actions make me not want to repurchase from him but in all fairness, his products are pretty good. I hope this was helpful. Remember, these are my thoughts. I respect your opinions, so please respect mine.

These opinions are my own. If your’s are different, leave a comment below to start a conversation.

Please click here for my disclaimer, I like to keep it real here

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