Makeup Rant | Sephora

Went to my Sephora today to pick up Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (I know, I’m behind with the times) and all the boxes were empty with a label that said “See Associate for Assistance” 😡😡😡 Does anyone else’s Sephora’s do this? So, I know this is going to sound a little ridiculous but a true makeup addict will understand. Of all the reasons that makes makeup shopping fun, packaging is one of them and doing this not only destroys the box but damages the palette itself (leaves it unprotected). I know, I can feel the eye rolls but I’m truly a makeup fanatic, that is why I got on IG and started a blog (kind of, still a work in progress). I like to take pictures of the packaging and usually when I’m done with that, I cut up the boxes to make collages and stuff (Don’t Judge Me!). I’m guessing people are starting to steal makeup at my Sephora and that is why this now happening…Note to the people who steal and ruin the shopping experience for others because of your selfishness…there’s a special place in Hell for you

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