Makeup Review | Lime Crime +Swatches

I ordered some Lime Crime a few weeks ago and I have no regrets! 

Venus palette
💜 Venus 2 palette
Velvetine Liquid Lipstick in Riot
💜 Unicorn Lipstick in Babette

***I’m aware of the controversy and this isn’t the first time I used Lime Crime. Just like other controversy reviews I’ve done, I will be fair and unbiased and keep my thoughts of the makeup vs the company separate and then give my final thoughts in the end. 

Mash Botticelli’s classical painting with the rebellion of the early 90s, and you get VENUS: The Grunge Palette

❤ VENUS: The color of bruised fruit AKA ‘marsala’ (velvet matte)
❤ SHELL: Opalescent shell-pink (glow)
❤ AURA: Pearlescent ivory (glow)
❤ CREATION: Rust brown (matte)
❤ ICON: Dark brown (matte)
❤ REBIRTH: The color of an over-ripe nectarine (matte)
❤ DIVINE: Dusty stone (matte)
❤ MUSE: Deep burgundy red (matte)

OMG! This palette is absolutely fantastic ❤❤❤ All the shades are super blendable and buttery! Holy sh*t! These are right up my alley as well. I can highly, highly recommend this palette!

A follow up to the cult-favorite, VENUS2 is the darker sister who slays with 8, recklessly pigmented eyeshadows that will take your makeup game to the next level

❤Pigeon (pearl): Brown/green shift
💜Filter (glow matte): Luminous cornflower blue
❤Marsh (glow matte): Mossy grey-green
❤Mustard (creamy matte): The color of corduroy
❤Fly (pearl): Ivory/green green shift, like the wing of a fly
❤Jam (creamy matte): Pumpkin spice creamy matte
❤Mud (creamy matte): Rich burgundy-brown, the color of spoiled fruit
💟Boot (sparkle matte): Nebula black with multi-color sparkle

I don’t love this palette as much as the first but it’s purely based on color preferences. Based on my style, I can’t create a whole look with this palette but the shadows truly are beautiful, pigmented and blendable. This is more of a supplementary palette for me where as the first palette, I can create a whole look with.

❤ Velvetine Liquid Lipstick in Riot
💟 Unicorn Lipstick in Babette

Like I’ve said before, I’ve purchased from Lime Crime before. I’ve previously owned their first 3 liquid lipsticks in Red Velvet, Pink Velvet, and Suedeberry along with two of their Unicorn Lipstick’s in Babette and Coquette.The formula between the Velvetine’s I’ve owned before and Riot are the same. It is a watery consistency that dries down to a budge proof matte. One of my favorites actually. The formula for the Unicorn Lipstick is different (which is probably the reason why they are being discontinued). The first lipstick I owned was super dry and the formula was terrible compared to the reviews it got. This one is a little creamier but still dry and not comparable to the reviews I saw when these first came out.

Overall, I would definitely pick up a Velvetine Liquid Lip if your in to this trend. As for the Unicorn Lipstick, unless you a hardcore Lime Crime fan or a sucker for packaging, I’d pass…there is just too much inconsistency in this product line.

To address some of the controversy, I didn’t read up into anything this is just based on what I’ve seen, what I’ve heard from other people, and my experience.

I think that the hack was blown way out of proportion. Companies get hacked…that’s the risk you have to deal with in the 21st century. I don’t think is fair to bash them for the way they handled it either. In the grand scheme of things, they are a small brand and handing out discounts and return policies are usually sketch when it comes to indie brands and that is just the risk you have to accept when buying from smaller brands. It is what it is. Take it or leave it.

Like I’ve said before, I have purchased from them before. Some liquid lips and an eyeshadow palette (Aquataenia palette). I still have the eyeshadow palette but I have since, threw away the liquid lips. I bought those when there was controversy blowing up about the batches of the same liquid lip not being consistent and that there may be some quality control issues. That is something that I do have a problem with, hence, why I threw them away. I have been weary about buying from them again because of quality control issues but obviously I got over that because I bought their products again.

For the most part, I like what I got. I’m really loving the original Venus palette and the velvetine. Am I a die hard Lime Crime fan, no. Would I buy from them? Depends on what they come out with.

These opinions are my own. If your’s are different, leave a comment below to start a conversation.

Please click here for my disclaimer, I like to keep it real here

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