Makeup Swatches | Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette + Review

This palette has given me a new found appreciation for matte shadows! We always give shimmer shadows more love but it’s the matte shadows that define the look!

😍😍😍 I bought this palette without looking at swatches or reviews because I just new that this palette would be amazing…and it sure is! This palette contains only 3 shimmer shadows! What!? This palette has definitely given me a better appreciation for matte shadows! I think that matte shadows are hard to formulate so they are often overlooked but Anastasia Beverly Hills has done a beautiful job on the formulation of these shadows!

I don’t know about you but who’s ready for some swatches!

Top Row Swatches:
Golden Ochre-earthy yellow
Vermeer-iridescent shell (dry and wet swatch)
Buon Fresco-antique lavender
Antique Bronze-metallic sable (dry and wet swatch)
Love Letter-raspberry
Cyprus Umber-dark coffee

Bottom Row Swatches:
Raw Sienna-neutral amber
Burnt Orange deep orange
Primavera-shimmery gold (dry and wet swatch)
Red Ochre-sienna
Venetian Red-crimson (dry and wet swatch)
Warm Taupe-earthy gray

Click here for a video on the shimmer shades!

These opinions are my own. If your’s are different, leave a comment below to start a conversation.

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