September MorpheMe Unbagging

Good things come to those who hustle! #GoalDiggers

I’ve been loving subscription service and been super happy with the brushes I’ve received so far! This month’s set of brushes include:

From 👈Left to Right👉

💜  R5 Pro Pointed Contour

Tapered natural brush with a slimmer, shorter shape that is ideal for a precise contour and great for dusting off powder.

R37 Pointed Blender

Full, pointed blending brush for controlled application of color.

R41 Pencil Crease

A short, dense bullet-headed natural brush that’s perfect for packing color into the crease or outer “V”, and can also be used to buff out the lower lash line.

R38 Round Blender

Slim blending brush with a rounded tip that is perfect for diffusing color in the crease.

I think it’s pretty cool that they put their new Rose Gold brushes in this month’s bag!

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