Makeup Declutter | Mascara

#DeclutterTime I am decluttering my mascaras because I just have too many! They will be decluttered in the following categories:

🗑 Trash – These are mascara I either didn’t like or I’ve had them for too long and they need to go

🎁 Giveaway – This will be given to family. Still good but I don’t love

👭 Community – I don’t like to share makeup but I hate being that friend that won’t share in a pinch so I have community makeup that can be used by friends if they feel so inclined too

🔬 Testing – New makeup that I’m trying out and might consider repurchasing

❤ Keeps – Ride or Dies, Holy Grails, Makeup that I’d grad if my house is on fire, If I was stranded on an island, I’ll cut a B*tch if you take it…ok, you get the point

Here is the mascara that is going in the trash 🗑

Here is the mascara that is going giveaway to family 🎁

Here is the community mascara 👭

Here is the mascara that I’m still currently testing 🔬 and what I’m keeping ❤



Overall, I’m really happy with this declutter. The mascaras on the left are mascaras I truly love. I do think that I am testing more mascaras then I should be but now that I know I’m testing 6 mascaras, I’m more mindful at the store and I don’t buy anymore!

I challenge you to declutter mascaras! Please comment below if you have already decluttered your mascaras or if you’ve accepted this challenge!


I’ve either found some more mascara to declutter and decided to declutter what I’d like to keep. I’ve been really loving this decluttering series I doing! Once I got over the shock of all the money I wasted, I started to feel less burdened by hanging on to stuff that I don’t actually use.

Here is the mascara that is going in the trash 🗑

Here is the mascara that is going giveaway to family 🎁

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