Makeup Declutter | Eyeliner


I am decluttering my eyeliners! They will be decluttered in the following categories:


🗑 Trash – These are mascara I either didn’t like or I’ve had them for too long and they need to go

🎁 Giveaway – This will be given to family. Still good but I don’t love

👭 Community – I don’t like to share makeup but I hate being that friend that won’t share in a pinch so I have community makeup that can be used by friends if they feel so inclined too – None for eyeliners though

🔬 Testing – New makeup that I’m trying out and might consider repurchasing

 Keeps – Ride or Dies, Holy Grails, Makeup that I’d grad if my house is on fire, If I was stranded on an island, I’ll cut a B*tch if you take it…ok, you get the point

Here is the eyeliner that is going in the trash 🗑

Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet – Black Velvet

  • Great eyeliner but I’ve had this forever, time to go!

Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner – Mulberry

  • I thought this eyeliner was such an amazing color but it smudged so bad that it rendered my concealer obsolete because it made me look like I can’t cover my dark circles.

MUFE Artist Liner – M-10

  • I did not like this eyeliner at all. Maybe I got a dude but it was so dry and un-pigmented.

Starlooks Pro Eyeliner Pen – Black

  • I really did like this eyeliner but it dried out so fast!

Wet n Wild Proline Felt Tip Eyeliner – Dark Brown

  • Holy grail and used that bad boy up! Great drug store product.

Sumita Beauty Eye Pencil – Black

  • I had to get rid of this because I’ve had it for so long but I’m sad to see it go. It is super pigmented and doesn’t tug. I highly recommend this eyeliner.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil – Rockstar

  • This one is super old as well. Loved this color and pigmentation!

Here is the eyeliner that is going giveaway to family 🎁

Mally Starlight Liner – Ice Blue

  • Not a fan. Love the color but the pigmentation is not there. I have to really tug at my eyes to get this to show up as intense as I want it.

Sephora Eye Pencil – Love Affair

  • This smudged so bad on me! I love purple eyeliners but they need to stay on my eye.

Here is the eyeliner that I’m still currently testing 🔬 and what I’m keeping

Beauty For Real Shadow Stx – All Day Latte

  • I love using this under my lashes because the color is stunning and it DOES NOT MOVE! Hallelujah!

Girlatik Pricise Eyeliner Marker – Black Noir

  • This eyeliner is so black and so amazing! I get the hype.

Eyeko Skinny Mini – Black

  • This gives a thicker line, which I kinda like and it super pigmented. Love!

Purminerals Double Ego Eyeliner – Madagascar

  • I like the marker liner over the crayon. I love the color of the marker but the crayon is so hard to work with.

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon – Blacquer

  • If you want a super creamy, pigmented, and overpriced eyeliner then this one is for you. Love it but there are better alternatives for a better price.

OFRA Eyeliner – Coffee Bean

  • I love the color and the formula of this eyeliner. The price is a joke but I will love it while it lasts.

Tarte The Eye Architect Liner + Shadow – Copper

  • I like the shade and love how I can easily pop the shadow in my inner corner for a pretty inner corner highlight.

I love decluttering! I need to do it more. There’s no sense in holding on to stuff when I don’t use it!


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