September Birchbox Unboxing | derma e • Living Proof • Milk Makeup • Supergoop! • TokyoMilk Light 

Now that fall is around the corner, we’re jumping into multitasking mode-and celebrating the versatile, time-saving products that help us juggle everything on out to-dolists. ‘Cause at the end of the day, beauty should make out lives easier (and add a dash of fun).

Here is what I got in my box:

derma a Microdermabrasion Scrub ❣️ Full Size – $32.50

This Dead Sea salt scrub mimics the effects of microdermabrasion for clear, radiant skin in under three minutes.

I am very hesitant to use this and if I would to be completely honest, I’m probably never going to use this…at least not on my face, maybe on my knees and elbows. I don’t like using physical exfoliators. They aren’t good for the skin. You will feel the temporary effects of smoother skin but over time, the constant micro tearing of the skin adds up. Not something worth messing around with, in my opinion.

Living Proof Curl Leave-In Conditioner ❤️ Full Size – $26

Created with a patented ‘healthy hair molecule’ OFPMA, this oil-free leave-in conditioner delivers bouncy, defined, and frizz-free curls.

This is a much better product then the last Living Proof product I tried – Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector which made my hair completely lifeless. This product, however, made my curls so soft and bouncy! If I didn’t have a long list of leave in conditioners I need to finish, I would definitely buy the full size.

Milk Makeup Ubame Mascara 💟 Full Size – $24

Featuring a unique triple-ball applicator, this mascara is infused with umbame oak charcoal and sapphire dust for added volume and an ultra-dark color.

I’m not a super fan of this mascara. I have no idea how the formula performs because I really dislike the wand…it’s too big.

Supergoop! Shine-On Lip Screen SPF 50 💟 Full Size – $22

This SPF-infused, clear lip gloss blocks harmful UV rays, fights signs of aging, and can ve used under or over lip color to add a pretty sheen.

It’s a clear, glossy lipgloss in a teeny tiny tube that will never get used…just being honest.

TokyoMilk Light Transformation Eau de Parfum ❤️ Full Size- $42

Mandarin, tuberose, amber, and white clay encompass this bright, refreshing scent.

Not a great box for me this month. This is the box that set me over the edge and I’m going to do a subscription box declutter. I used to really love these boxes when they were mainly about makeup. Now that I’m trying to be a more educated consumer, It’s really hard for me to get excited about skincare that, in most cases, is probably not that great.

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I will try to link products to websites with the highest cash back value! This is subject to change because sometimes the percentages fluctuate but I will try my best!

These opinions are my own. If your’s are different, leave a comment below to start a conversation.

Please click here for my disclaimer, I like to keep it real here

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