Melt Cosmetics Haul | Dark Matter Stack • Love Sick Stack • Radioactive Stack • Gun Metal Stack

I took advantage of a sale Melt Cosmetics had and picked up four of their stacks. I skipped out on the Rust Stack for storage purposes.

I thought the packaging was so cool, granted, I am paying for the packaging but seeing how these stacks retail for $48, there better be some awesome packaging!

I was able to snag the following, constantly sold out, stacks for $33.60. Still expensive but well worth it!

Dark Matter Stack – We carefully crafted all our favorite matte shades to create every variation of the smokey eye, no boring grey-browns, or dull black, these warm rust colors will create the most beautiful chocolate smokey eye.

Love Sick Stack – These are all our favorite accent colors in one palette. We dare you to use all 4 in one look! ❤

Radioactive Stack – We got down the ultra-matte and bold, now it’s time for Radioactive! Introducing our most daring stack yet! These are all the elements you’ll need to brighten up your makeup!

Gun Metal Stack – The most glittery textured eye shadows we have ever made. They’re like pure pressed pigment in a stack! Paired with the prettiest matte taupe grey, you’ll love! Wear it dry or spritz it for a chrome look!

I really like the innovation in how these palettes are presented! That being said, these are over glorified quads. It makes me wonder how well these would sell if they weren’t in this packaging. Got to love marketing. Luckily, the shadows in these stacks are awesome, better then I expected and I’m happy with my purchase. I just wanted to give some food for thought because I’ve been really interested, lately, in consumerism. I don’t want to just be a blind, thoughtless influencer that just arbitrarily reviews products. I want my posts to be a little less superficial and more infomative (try to at least 😉).

Dark Matter Stack

BLURR- a soft beautiful blending/eraser shadow
UNSEEN- a cool-medium delicious caramel brown
ENIGMA- a beautiful red-brown
DARK MATTER- The Most Pigmented Pitch-black

This is a beautiful natural matte stack. I especially love the rust (enigma) and camel (unseen) shades! I don’t have any issues with blendability with these shadows and I even like the black shade (dark matter). The only thing missing for me is a cream white shade but I’ve plenty of those shadows in other palettes and in singles (plus, these are quads so one shade would have to go but I like them all!).

Love Sick Stack

PROMISCUOUS- a beautiful color changing violet-blue! Use it alone, or combine it with black to reveal a completely different shade!
FIXATED – a gorgeous matte grey inspired by one of our favorite lipsticks, Space Cake, so pigmented and cool you have to see to believe.
AMELIE- a perfectly peachy gold, you’ll want to add it all over Cheeks! Highlight! Eyes! It glistens and glides on with ease.
LOVE SICK- a beautiful ultra-matte burgundy-red …inspired by our most popular lipstick 6six6!

This one is my favorite palette! I love all four shades. I wish the purple was a little more pigmented and buttery but it’s still workable and a beautiful color.

Radioactive Stack

RADON – Beautiful Orange Ribbon with Pink Reflects
NEON – Intense Neon Yellow with Hints of Gold Specks!
XENON – Electric Lime
RADIOACTIVE – Hot! Hot! Hot! Pink!

Haven’t had a chance to use this stack yet but I’ll give an update when I do!

Gun Metal Stack

HARSH STONE WHITE – A glittery champagne white. The softness, the glide , the pigmentation, is out of this world!
ASSIMILATE – The perfect deep taupe to pair with this glittery stack , it reminds us of delicious hot cocoa! Beautiful in this palette as a transition or “blending color” the color and is as rich and smooth as our other ultra matte shades in our line.
INDUSTRIAL – A glittery grey brown. We love pairing this metallic shadow with our Rust red staple colors. Perfect for any smoked eye look!
GUN METAL- This gorgeous blue black – metallic shadow is ultra pigmented and soft. We’ve never made something this gorgeous and glittery.

The metallic shadows in this stack are very interesting. Industrial and Gun Metal almost have a wet feel to them which allows you to foil them onto the eye without wetting the shadow first. It’s very cool. Harsh Stone is my least favorite shadow out of all the stacks. I’ve used it alone, with Mac Fix+, and with Too Faced Glitter Glue and it still won’t stay put. I’m a little bummed.

Overall, I am really happy with my purchase. I’ve been wanting to try Melt Cosmetics stacks for the longest time and now I have. I do think it’s a little ridiculous that these stacks are almost $50 but for the makeup enthusiast (who has the money) will really enjoy these.

For those new to makeup or those who are makeup artists, I do not recommend these stacks. They are way overpriced and you would get more bang for your buck purchasing a real palette.

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