This is my little corner of the world where I hope to find people with similar interests and ideas. This is my safe space. Haters will not be tolerated but good conversation and constructive criticism is always welcome.

Below is my quick guide review for products. This is particularly useful for quickly reviewing products on IG without a lot of text!

❤ Yaaaas!

Ride or die. Will repurchase. You need it in your life #holygrail

💜 Like

Happy to have it. Won’t repurchase. Will use it but probably something I like better #ilikeyoulikeyou

💟 It’s alright

Ehhhh… Not terrible, probably just didn’t work with me but probably will work for someone else. Will be regifted #¯\_(ツ)_/¯

❣ Haven’t tried

Probably couldn’t review in a timely manner #itiswhatitis

💔 Let’s breakup

Didn’t like. Either broke me out, color was off,  cheap, etc #itsnotyouitsmeactuallyitisyou

🔪 No!

When I’m offended by a product. Doesn’t happen often but sometimes shifty products just set me off #reallife

These posts are born on my Instagram account at Rad.rrm. They come here to grow. As I use products, I put my thoughts here. I hope you enjoy and join the conversation
Disclaimer: Unless stated otherwise, these products were purchased with my own money. Regardless if a product was purchased by me or gifted to me, all my opinions are my own. I don’t lie for money or to get free stuff.
Business Inquiries Only: contact radriddles@gmail.com if you’d like to send me products for review or to do a sponsored post. Disclaimer: I only to honest reviews, period.
I use MagicLinks for a lot of the products for my posts. If I’m going to take the time to link a product then why not get paid!